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Creating novel design for conventional equipment

Earth friendly Eco Golf Tee

Eco Golf Tee

Earth friendly Eco Golf Tee

Eco Golf Tee

  • A dignified formal and old-fashioned design that can be used in regular use as well as every rinks of the world
  • Made of biodegradable resin that is hard enough to stick into the ground, but softens when shot.
  • Bends well when shot and is extremely resistant to breakage, allowing for repeated use over many rounds.
  • Even if the golf tee flies away, it will be returned to the earth because it is made of biodegradable resin.
  • Anti-slip shape so that you can set it in the same position every time.
  • Available on Amazon in a set of 9 long/ 3 short.

Product Info

Product code: FP404GFT-93

Length: Long 71mm

Length: Short 37mm

Standard Number of Packaging quantity: Long 9pcs, Short 3pcs

Material: Biodegradable plastic

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Creeating novel design for conventional equipment
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