Medical waste collection container/clean room/needle/syringe needle/disposable/waste box
Creating novel design for conventional equipment

Vial Tube Long

Vial Tube Long

・2 different sizes option
・Made of medical-grade polystyrene
・The precise straight flat bottom design provides convenient racking, stacking for everyday use.
・All vials are available in tray packaging and layered with open-end orientation for convenient handling.
・High transparency as glass made vials clear for excellent visibility.
・Polystyrene is cost-saving comparing with glass-made vials.
・Convenient rack packaging provides huge time saving for the day to day laboratory research.
・Not autoclavable.

Product Info

Product code: NT-019

Diameter: 29.5mm

Length: 102mm

Standard Number of Packaging quantity: 768pcs

Packing dimension: 59x59x50cm

Weight: 10Kg

Material: PS

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Creeating novel design for conventional equipment
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